Charitable Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has been blasted by his ex-wife for refusing to give his children financial help.

The father-of-four is famed for his philanthropy, donating $6.3 million (GBP3.5 million) to homeless charity Crisis as well as pledging to give away the proceeds of records sales after his performance at July's (05) Live 8 charity extravaganza.

But former spouse GINGER insists he has a different money ethic when it comes to his family, pin-pointing a 'tough love' policy as his excuse for keeping them penniless.

She says, "He barely gives the kids any (money), even to help with a flat.

"(Daughter) ALICE wants to take out a mortgage but he won't help her, telling her that she 'won't live up to it'.

"Paul McCartney cites David as a living example of tough love. I think tough love is okay - just don't destroy their self-belief at the same time.

"I think the children could deal with tough love if it wasn't as though he were saying, 'Oh you're just failures.'

"What he's doing with Crisis is very honourable, but I have to deal with the children's hurt and help them go forward."