With America's Got Talent returning to the air tonight (Tuesday), producers are assuring viewers that they are not going out of their way to discover an American Susan Boyle. In an interview with USA Today, executive producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz said, "The worst thing we could do is find our own version. The more you try to engineer it, the less you achieve on the desired outcome." Piers Morgan, who appears as a judge on both the British and American versions of the show, added, "We didn't want to fall into the trap of looking at every middle-aged woman as the next Susan Boyle. That would be pointless. ... With Susan, it was a moment of total surprise and electricity." But new host Nick Cannon said that Boyle's performance on Britain's Got Talent did seem to widen the range of talent who showed up at U.S. auditions. "We definitely saw a lot more people coming to audition who'd been told they would never make it, either because of their look or they didn't fit the mold. ... People felt if [Boyle] can do it, they can."