Piers Morgan always dreads heading back to work on America's Got Talent, because he is a regular victim of Howie Mandel's practical jokes.
The hit TV show heads back to the small screen this month (May11), and Morgan admits he is not looking forward to spending more time with Mandel, who he has branded the "most annoying man in the history of planet Earth".
The British presenter reveals Mandel loves playing pranks backstage, and he has suffered greatly at the hands of his fellow judge.
He tells Access Hollywood, "I actually want to torture and dismember (Mandel). He is, without a doubt, the most annoying man in the history of planet Earth. He does things like, we had these six giant human dancing gnomes on the show - which I hated - most annoying act I've ever seen. And of course, I go and try to grab an hour's sleep in between the two shows, and next thing I know, there's a bang at the door and there's Mandel with the six giant gnomes.
"(They) run into my dressing room, flatten me on the floor, and begin dancing on my head...
"The next day we went to Atlanta. I try to come out of my dressing room... I can't. There's a soda can dispensing machine rammed against my door. Next thing I know, a large pipe is inserted under the door and a foul smelling yellow pungent gas is emitted. This is what this man is like!... I want to kill him. It's not friendly."