Piers Morgan was caught up in a mid-air drama in the skies above the U.S. on Wednesday (23Mar11) after his flight was ordered to return to New York less than an hour before it was due to land in Minnesota.
The talk show host was heading to Minneapolis to film auditions for America's Got Talent when the pilot of the Delta Airlines jet suddenly diverted back to the Big Apple.
And Morgan was so concerned about the lack of information from the cabin crew, he took to his Twitter.com blog to ask for help in establishing the reason for the diversion.
He writes, "My plane was 50 mins away from landing in Minneapolis for Agt auditions today, when it turned round and is now heading Back to NY. Can someone explain to me, perhaps from Delta, what the **** is going on - as none of your crew seem to have the foggiest (any idea)?"
No further information was available as WENN went to press.