Piers Morgan, the British journalist turned television presenter, reduced Paris Hilton's mother to tears on his 'Tonight' show this week (1st June 2011). Piers Morgan quizzed Hilton on the release of her 2003 pornographic movie 'One Night in Paris', which had her mother Katy Hilton dabbing away the tears, reports CNN.
When discussing how the release of the film changed her as a person, Hilton said, "It's something that changed my life forever", adding, "This is not what I planned. I didn't want to be known as that". Sitting beside the reality star, Hilton's mother Katy began to weep as her daughter continued, "Now when people look at me, they think that I'm something that I'm not, just because of one incident one night with someone who I was in love with". Before continuing with his line of questioning, Morgan noted, "I can see how upsetting this is for you Katy, I totally understand". The movie was released by Hilton's then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, who she described as a "very bad person" but somebody whom she thought she loved. Hilton claims she gained a false reputation after the movie's release, saying, "People assume, Oh, she's a slut, just because of one thing that happened to me".
As well as his 'Tonight' show, Piers Morgan also appeared on Tuesday night's season premiere of America's Got Talent, alongside fellow judges Sharon Osbourne and HOWIE MANDEL.