British talent show judge Piers Morgan has confirmed singing sensation Susan Boyle is under a doctor's care after her shock defeat in the finals of the programme at the weekend (30-31May09).
Initial reports suggested the TV upset on Britain’s Got Talent sent Boyle to a London hospital, suffering from an emotional breakdown - but former newspaper editor Morgan insists it's not quite that serious.
He says, "I've spoken to Susan and I don’t think it’s a breakdown. This is somebody who is absolutely exhausted. Emotionally, physically, mentally... Susan will be fine. She's just very tired.
"I think she's found this whole rollercoaster ride of the last seven weeks overwhelming and she's gone somewhere now that she can find the peace and the quiet to get some sleep, to eat properly and get over what has been an astonishing time in her life."
Boyle was the clear favourite to win the show, but she came second to a dance troupe.
Morgan insists the singer, who took the world by storm, won't disappear back into obscurity.
He tells U.S. news show Extra, "I think we're going to be hearing a lot more from Susan. My prediction is she'll have a number one selling album around the world in the next four or five months."