Piers Morgan has defended music mogul Simon Cowell over accusations he worked Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle too hard in the run up to her finale on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT.
The singer soared to international stardom after her first audition on the U.K. talent programme, with more than 100 million fans watching her performance on video sharing website YouTube.com.
Boyle came second in the final of the hit British series on Saturday night (30May09) but was subsequently admitted to a London clinic, reportedly suffering from exhaustion.
Internet gossips have been quick to blame the 48-year-old's hectic schedule for her health problems, with many accusing the show's creator, Cowell, of pushing her too far in a bid to profit from her success.
But Morgan, a fellow judge on the show, has come out in defence of his colleague, insisting Cowell cares about all the contestants and is devastated by Boyle's meltdown.
He says, "The idea that Simon is totally oblivious to the whole thing and just wants to make money out of her couldn't be further from the truth. Simon, like everyone, is very concerned about Susan. No one could have predicted this."
And the former newspaper editor is adamant reports of Boyle having a breakdown are "pretty exaggerated" - insisting she just needs some time away from the media spotlight.
He adds, "She has gone in there to get some rest and get away from everyone, get away from the show, the media, the public and have some downtime. It was entirely voluntary."