Pierce Brosnan signed up for new spy thriller The November Man in a bid to conclude his journey as James Bond.

The actor's run as 007 came to an abrupt end after four films when he was suddenly replaced by Daniel Craig, and he admits he never got the chance to get the franchise or the spy film genre out of his system.

So when producer pal Beau St. Clair presented him with the new film, Brosnan jumped on board, hoping it would help him exorcise Bond once and for all.

He tells Wenn, "After my four outings as James Bond there seemed to be unfinished business in the way that the Bond films finished in my life and the demise of Bond going offstage left into the night; it seemed like there was a certain void there... The Bond was so big and mighty in my career.

"I wouldn't be in the company of you all, talking about The November Man if it hadn't been for James Bond. There was a desire, need and want to make this film. I love the title. It has a sensuality and a mystique to it. It has a complexity of character and a punch and a grit to it, which gave me the opportunity to really take the gloves off and be hard as nails and be ambivalent in my moral values as a character. There was a complexity there that was seductive and enticing."

Ironically, the new film also features actress Olga Kurylenko, who was a Bond girl opposite Craig in Quantum of Solace.

She says, "It feels like I've done two Bond films! It was wonderful working with Pierce; it was a gift. It was great with tons of action and we both already have certain skills so we were prepared with all our past and all the Bond movies."

Brosnan adds, "There was a similarity in the role because Olga had been with Daniel in the Bond movie. But it was Olga's work and her talent and beauty and vulnerability that just made sense."

And the film's stunt co-ordinator was Mark Mottram, who was Brosnan's James Bond stunt double.

The actor jokes, "He and I saved the world a couple of times."