Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek turned location filming on new heist movie After the Sunset into leisure time, because the Bahamas offered them the chance to swim to work and take long strolls on deserted beaches.

Brosnan took his family to the islands with him and Hayek, who plays the 007 star's wife in the film, insisted on her dogs being on set with her.

Brosnan says, "It was a real gift and a real pleasure. The Bahamian people are outstanding. They really embraced us and welcomed us onto the island.

"I went sailing, fishing and I could swim to work - my character's house was just down the beach from where I was renting a house with my family.

"When we were doing the sequences for two weeks in that house, it was a novel way of getting to work."

Hayek adds, "I had my dogs, so I would take walks with them on the beach. I scuba dived a lot. I've been diving since I was 12."

10/11/2004 09:08