Pierce Brosnan is still fuming about being dropped as JAMES BOND - and plans to use his role in new movie The Matador to show 007 movie bosses what they are missing out on.

The 52-year-old Irish actor was judged to be too old to continue as the world's most famous superspy, and has been replaced by Daniel Craig, 37.

He rants, "When the f**kers try and hem you in with Bond, it's great to come back with The Matador. It's great to say, 'F**k you, a**ehole. F**k you who wouldn't give me a job.

"'F**k you who thought I was some wuss. F**k you, who thought I was a pretty boy. F**k you, who thought anything of me without even knowing me or giving me the chance.

"'F**k you.' But when you go around with all that inside you all the time, you end up completely mangled so you have to let it go."