Pierce Brosnan was once barred from walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia because he was too drunk.

The former James Bond joined friends for an impromptu trek across the architectural wonder of the world - but was told he was too much over-the-limit to make it safely.

The Irish star recalls, "I was at a restaurant with some fellas, and I said, 'Guys, we should all go across the bridge - it's an amazing experience.

"The matre d', a big James Bond fan, came over and gave me a vodka martini and I slugged that back. We go down to walk across the bridge and they came out with a Breathalyser.

"A gentleman comes up and says, 'Mr Brosnan, can I have a word? I'm sorry, sir, but you are over the alcohol limit. You can't go. Have a cup of coffee and some fruit...' It was so embarrassing."

22/10/2004 02:14