Pierce Brosnan's son DYLAN expected everybody to turn against his dad now he'll no longer be portraying James Bond.

Brosnan had expected to make a fifth installment of the spy films, until the owners of the franchise decided to stick to their original agreement of having him appear in a total of four James Bond movies.

And the Irish actor admits his seven-year-old son is thrilled to see his popularity hasn't waned since the announcement.

Brosnan says, "He's switched on to 'Dad is Bond' now.

"Yesterday we were going to the movies and this woman came out and was talking about Bond and she says, 'Oh I love you!'

"(Dylan) says, 'Dad, it's amazing. You're no longer Bond but they still like you!' And I said, 'Hopefully it keeps going, son. Long may it last!'"

17/11/2004 09:21