Pierce Brosnan has lashed out at the James Bond franchise for being too sanitised and not allowing him to present the superspy as a convincing playboy.

The Irish actor, who was dropped from the role in favour of British actor Daniel Craig, admits there's one aspect of the Bond films he's not upset about walking away from - they're too clean.

Brosnan, who played Bond in four films, admits his ideas to loosen up the stiff spy were ignored by cautious movie bosses.

He says, "It would have been great to light up and smoke cigarettes, for instance. It would have been great to have the killing a little bit more real and not wussed down. It's all rather bland."

Brosnan was hoping Bond would get a little sexy when Halle Berry was signed to play agent JINX in Die Another Day.

He adds, "I remember doing a sex scene with Halle - I mean frolicking in the bed - and there was director Lee Tamahori right under the sheets with us.

"(But) the way we ended up doing it was almost like the old days in Hollywood - kissing the girl but still having your feet on the floor."