Movie star Pierce Brosnan wanted to return for a fifth and final James Bond movie - because he was "just getting the hang of" the role.

Brosnan was dumped as 007 last year (04), when the film's producers opted to bring in a new, younger face. They have since announced that British actor Daniel Craig will be the latest Bond.

But bitter Brosnan is still upset he's not coming back for Casino Royale.

He tells US movie magazine Premiere, "It would have been sweet to go back for a fifth. I was just getting the hang of it.

"They really loosened up the reins on the last one, with Lee Tamahori (director). It would have been wonderful to go out there for one last game and pass the baton."

Philosophical Brosnan accepts there was little he could do to change the producers' minds and he's content to know that they are "scared s**tless" as they embark on a new film with a new man.

He adds, "They're probably scared s**tless, thinking, 'What have we done? Did we jump the gun?'"