Hollywood hunk Pierce Brosnan has finally retired from the role of movie spy James Bond.

The Irish actor hopes by admitting that 2002's Die Another Day was his last Bond film, the media will end the ongoing speculation about his connection to the future movies.

Brosnan says, "That's it. I've said all I've got to say on the world of James Bond. Bond is another lifetime behind me.

"We went out on a high and I look back affectionately at that time and doing those four movies. But I've said all I got to say on it.""

England-based film company EON PRODUCTIONS must now find another star to play agent 007 for the 21st Bond movie, scheduled for release next year (05).

British actors touted for the dream role include Clive Owen, IOAN GRUFFUDD, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Gerard Butler, Jude Law and Ewan McGregor, as well as Australians Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger and Eric Bana.

28/07/2004 02:50