Pierce Brosnan has one major regret after losing the coveted James Bond role - he didn't romance actresses Monica Bellucci or Uma Thurman.

The Irishman charmed Denise Richards, Famke Janssen, Teri Hatcher and Halle Berry during his four-film stint as 007, but he admits he always hoped Thurman and Bellucci would be cast as Bond girls.

He says, "Monica Bellucci is a ravishing beauty - a gorgeous, gorgeous woman.

"She screen-tested to be a Bond girl a while back, and the fools said no. Teri Hatcher stole the day instead. Uma Thurman is another magnificent beauty and a fine actress."

But Brosnan hasn't completely given up on romancing his lady loves on the big screen - he's hoping one of them will play his leading lady in THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR sequel.

He adds, "We've come around to talking about a sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair. Again it's a love story and a romance, but this time it's not going to be with Rene Russo. We've been thinking about women, and there are just stunning women out there."