Irish actor Pierce Brosnan is still waiting to find out if he'll return as James Bond for a fifth film - just a year before it's due to hit cinema screens.

The star has completed his four-film contract as the suave superspy and is optioned to return for a fifth movie - provisionally titled Bond 21 - and due to start shooting later this year (04).

After recent reports MGM had dropped him because he's too old, a British newspaper yesterday claimed 007 studio chiefs signed Brosnan for a fifth film after fans protested about plans to replace him with Colin Farrell.

Other reports have linked British actor Orlando Bloom.

But Brosnan insists he's still waiting for Bond producers MICHAEL G WILSON and Barbara Broccoli to decide if they want him.

He says, "Michael and Barbara kindly invited me back for a fifth and there seems to be a certain amount of paralysis.

"They don't know what to do, that's what I've been told, so I have to go about a certain amount of carry on like business as usual.

"Technically my contract is over - that's as much as I know."

22/03/2004 13:32