Former JAMES BOND star Pierce Brosnan is keen to end reports suggesting he slapped DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Teri Hatcher on the DIE ANOTHER DAY set over her punctuality problems.

The Irish actor admits he was far from happy with Hatcher's timekeeping and made his feelings public, but he thinks too much has been made of the screen lovers' spat.

He says, "The Teri Hatcher incident was blown out of proportion. She was late to the set because she was newly pregnant. I did not know that until the end of the day.

"She didn't slap me. I didn't slap her. I was vexed because I had a call time of 6 or 7am, and we didn't do any work until three or four in the afternoon. No one told me her situation until afterwards.

"By that time I'd already shot my mouth off and cussed and moaned and groaned. That's all it was, a storm in a teacup."