Pierce Brosnan is thrilled he no longer has to play superspy JAMES BOND - because he detested playing the "phony" character and was horrified by how nervous directors were about the classic movie franchise.

The 52-year-old actor played the 007 agent in four movies, but now insists he has never been a fan of the series and that he was entirely miscast as the smooth supersleuth.

And he has slammed the hit series' corny scripts and the profit-conscious producers who insisted on unimaginative, formulaic plots.

Brosnan says, "I had all these stupid one-liners and loathed them.

"I felt like such a phony. It never felt real to me and I never felt I had complete ownership of the role.

"They play it so safe. The pomposity and rigmarole they put directors through is astounding.

"F**k it. I can do anything I want to now."