LATEST: Pierce Brosnan has added his name back on the JAMES BOND shortlist after claiming he has "unfinished business" with the superspy.

Brosnan insisted he wouldn't be returning as 007 in new film Casino Royale but now he's having second thoughts.

He tells, "Until someone like DANIEL CRAIG steps in or until someone like whomever the next man is or until they ask me back the story is still open. For me it's unfinished business and we might get to stand there again."

Meanwhile, top 007 gossip website has broken the news that bosses at Sony want Brosnan back.

According to the site, a senior Sony executive has told a member of the Casino Royale production team that Brosnan could indeed be strapping on the holster again for the forthcoming film.

Meanwhile, ALFIE star Sienna Miller has become a front runner in the race to become the next Bond babe after 007 franchise boss Barbara Broccoli was spotted in the audience at the actress' recent AS YOU LIKE IT play.

If Miller lands the coveted role, she'll play seductress Vesper Lynd in the new film.