Pierce Brosnan has hailed Daniel Craig the "greatest ever" James Bond, insisting he has no hard feelings about losing the role. Brosnan was dropped as 007 by film bosses, who chose Craig to succeed him in a bid to refresh the spy film legacy. The Irish actor was initially angry to be ditched - but after watching Craig in 2006's Casino Royale, he agrees with the decision to pick him. Brosnan says, "He's the greatest ever, and deservedly so. I'm proud and still honoured that I was part of that legacy, but I thought Daniel was a great choice. I have no regrets - I just would have loved to do the thing myself. I don't have any hard feelings over it. "It was with mixed emotions when it ended. I knew Daniel was toying with the idea so I told him, 'For God's sake, go and do it and enjoy it."