Pierce Brosnan insists new JAMES BOND Daniel Craig will have the last laugh, despite losing several teeth when a fight scene for upcoming movie Casino Royale went horribly wrong.

The Munich actor has suffered ridicule in sections of the media who believe he is not manly enough to place the suave superspy - but Brosnan, who was replaced in the coveted role by Craig, insists he suffered numerous injuries during his tenancy.

He says, "I think Daniel is a very fine actor. These are rocky waters and they're going to get him one way or another, but I think he will have the last laugh at the end of it.

"I got stitched up and sewn up a few times, it just didn't get in the papers.

"I had my face sliced open by a stuntman. I had a knee injury. You get twisted some way or another if you throw yourself into it. There's going to be mishaps."