JAMES Bond star Pierce Brosnan will have to wait longer to find out if he's taking on the infamous role one more time - the film's bosses are at loggerheads over whether to cast a new actor in the role.

The Irish actor recently revealed 007 producers were in "paralysis" over plans for BOND 21, and he is unsure if he will return for his fifth outing as the suave superspy.

Now sources claim scriptwriters ANDREW NEAL and Robert Wade are in conflict with EON PRODUCTIONS - who make the movies - over what direction the next film will take.

An insider says, "The two scriptwriters want one kind of Bond, while Eon wants another.

"Neal and Wade want to go back to basics and concentrate on the plot and the characters, but Eon wants an even bigger special effects bonanza than DIE ANOTHER DAY, with loads of gadgets and computer wizardry.

"Obviously the issue affects the choice of who plays Bond."

If Brosnan is forced to hang up Bond's trademark tuxedo, Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell, Colin Salmon and Clive Owen are favourites to take over the role.

04/04/2004 10:25