DIRRTY singer CHRISTINA AGUIELRA has been praised for her clean living, environmentally aware lifestyle.

The pop superstar supports America's NATIONAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL, and has contracts ensuring those working with her contribute to her positive impact on the environment - all of which have won praise from hip eco-stylist DANNY SEO.

He says, "The Dirrty girl actually cleans up. Her contract rider for a recent concert tour requested organic fruit, organic soy milk and no disposable plates, dishes, cups."

Seo has also praised BACKSTREET BOY KEVIN RICHARDSON for his solar-powered homes in Los Angeles and Kentucky, and driving a natural gas-powered car.

Seo recognises Pierce Brosnan and wife Keely Shaye Smith's eco efforts, as well as Edward Norton and Cameron Diaz.

He says of Brad Pitt, "It's believed the gardens of his Los Angeles home are organic. Keep your eye on him to be the next eco-celeb activist."

31/08/2004 21:01