Pierce Brosnan has further spoken of his anger when movie bosses told him he would no longer be playing superspy James Bond.

The 51-year-old claims he was asked to return as 007, before a sudden telephone call revealed his services were no longer required, leaving him "gutted".

Appearing on British TV show FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JONATHAN ROSS (05NOV04), Brosnan said, "When they told me, I was angry and the conversation was pretty short and sweet.

"They invited me back, and they changed their minds half-way through negotiations. It's hard to find the truth.

"If you get uptight it just does your head in so you've got to let it go. I thought they did me a favour, really...leave while you're on top."

Brosnan starred in four Bond movies, beginning with 1995's GOLDENEYE.

08/11/2004 03:00