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Balthazar - Recycled Robots Gallery The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery in Genève, Switzerland, presents 14 luminous robot sculptures by Parisian artist Bruno Lefèvre-Brauer a.k.a. +Brauer. These retro-futuristic robots, gathered in the collection "Viva la Robolución!", are prime examples of +Brauer creating today's art out of yesterday's materials via saving re-using and upcycling materials. Each completed robot is a unique piece with its own tailor-made lighting design, also created from recycled materials. Born out of what could be termed a poetic resistance to overconsumption, the artist chooses components for his sculptures that have an industrial past mainly from the 1950s and 60s. +Brauer takes old mechanical parts that he finds in abandoned workshops and garages and works them into new forms. He has gathered components for years and has amassed quite a collection comprising objects he has found and some he has bought second-hand or from scrap dealers. Additionally, friends and colleagues also keep a look out for him, occasionally bringing him objects as well. He said: "For years I've been retrieving, sorting, ordering, and storing parts. It is necessary to go through this in order to be able to create with more freedom." Marked by time and boasting patinas derived from hard use, this imbues the robots with their very specific character and makes them more visually interesting. These include the unique piece robots Stanislas, Ernest, Konstantin, Wast-E, Cosmos 2001, Olga, Bambino, Balthazar, Preolor, Black Foot, Leon, Commodor, Hector, and Romeo, the majority of which having been created exclusively for the M.A.D.Gallery. Olga looks quite feminine when you study her. Only 72 centimetres in height, Olga weighs in at a svelte 7.2 kilograms. Romeo truly comes across as an outsider-art paramour with his large, red beating heart and glowing red "eyes." Following his diploma in graphic arts, +Brauer has worked as a graphic artist, painter, and sculptor for more than 2 - Geneve, Switzerland - Monday 22nd June 2015 (7 Pictures)


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Black Foot 2

Black Foot
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Bruno Lefèvre-brauer A.k.a. +braue 3

Bruno Lefèvre-brauer A.k.a. +braue
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Recycled Robots Gallery 4

Recycled Robots Gallery
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LÉon 5

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Olga 6

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Wast-e 7

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