Snail army - 'Snailpimp' is a project by artist Stefan Siverud, who is having fun decorating living snails with the most varied designs, from the McDonald's logo to the miniature lighthouse through Pac-Man, Ikea and Adidas. A funny and interesting project that's achieved with non-toxic paints, which of course raises the question of the impact on these living animals. If some people ironize that these highly visible snails are less likely to be inadvertently stepped on, others point out that they are more easily spotted by predators... Born and raised in Kalmar, a city in Småland in the south-east of Sweden, situated by the Baltic Sea, Stefan is currently working with graphic design and printing at Kalmar County Museum, as well as showcasing his skills and ideas on his website He says: "I do like clever (non-destructive) street art and small things that makes people stop to smile or think." "I'm no good at dealing with boredom, and as a result I always make sure to have a couple of projects going to pass the time. That's how the snail pimping project started. I was unemployed over the summer months, very bored and I had previously seen Slinkachu's Inner City Snail project. "My first attempts were sloppy, using left-over model paint, wide plastic brushes and toothpicks, but as my hand got steady again I invested in some fresh paints and proper brushes, results improved. I started painting increasingly difficult patterns and symbols, and finally went on to use polymer modelling putty for minor additions. "The snails were all of the Cepaea hortensis variety, harvested in my parent's garden, painted and released in the town park. I found some Helix pomatia, but found them hard to work with as they were highly active, very slimy and exceptional jail breakers." "Two common points of criticism are that the paints might be harmful and that it removes the natural camouflage.The shells are made of calcium carbonate which is a dead material, much like fingernails. - Kalmar, Sweden - Wednesday 5th November 2014 (1 Picture)

Snail Army 1

Snail Army
Photo credit: Stefan Siverud


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