Rescued Lamb Nursed To Health by Dog - Tuesday 16th December 2014

A Lamb's Best Friend is a Dog . . . A rescued Lamb was nursed To Health by a dog. The story of Jewel the lamb may not feature bright lights, tinsel or gift wrapped prezzies, but its messages of acceptance, compassion, caring, tolerance and friendship are, perhaps, even more seasonal and festive in the truest sense. Jewel went 18 hours in the freezing cold without milk before he was taken in by the 4-Legged Friends animal sanctuary in rural Bulgaria and 'adopted' by Mirka the dog, embraced by the other animal community in the sanctuary - most of whom were severely abused and neglected - all of them became best of friends. The non-government organisation, based in the village of Oreshak , Varna Province, Bulgaria) - who depend entirely on donations for their existence - heard about Jewel's plight during a casual conversation, in February, between co-owner (with her husband) Vera Trendafilova and a friend in the neighbouring village who explained a lamb had been born the day before in his farm, however, there was some problems with the mother not feeding her newborn offspring with milk. The man had many sheep and cows and had not time to devote to taking care of the starving, malnourished lamb. Eighteen hours later, the desperate animal was being looked after and given the essential vital nourishments to survive. Now a crowning Jewel in the sanctuary - the lamb is one of the many shining examples proudly paraded at the sanctuary. . .along with Mirka and their pals. Vera Trendafilova says: "Something inside me keep me thinking... Some very strong emotion just poked me and I asked my husband to go there and take the lamb. When I saw the little lamb for the first time into the car seat, it wasn't showing any signs of life. It's eyes were open, the mouth was open too with the tongue outside. I took it in my hands this cold body and I felt it is still shaking. "Right away I start to warm it and massage it near to the heater. I gave it some warm milk. In this moment the M - - Tuesday 16th December 2014 (13 images)

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