The Vulgar Chef - Monday 3rd November 2014

Kyle Marcoux aka The Vulgar Chef aka Nash Ruin has got a world wide web level rep for his outlandish food combos. Westfield, Massachusetts fun lovin' food blogger - who's site states his mistrust of persons compelled to visit bathrooms merely to break wind - makes no secret of his passion for unlikely extreme recipes. . . .So, he just put a veritable 'Vulgar Chef menu's worth out his first eBook "Eat Like Shit Vol. 1" for free and he's currently developing a much more detailed second eBook of equally acquired taste.. His Cheese Whoopie Pie was inspired by watching mixes some macaroni and cheese with an egg yolk, placed into a small dish and microwaved to cook the yolk - with an Easy Cheese straight from the can filling. And the Ramen Taco - a toasted noodles shell stuffed with beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, n sour cream - was just a home experiment for his blog just for fun which was actually very good. Unsurprisingly, Man vs. Food and Diners Drive Ins and Dives are "hands down his two favourite shows". Kyle recounts: " When I was touring in the band I would watch these shows and stop at some of the same spots Adam Richman and Guy Fieri stopped at. It's unfortunate Man vs. Food stopped filming but Adam's career has been extremely successful since the show ended. I watch DDD religiously. Every morning when I get home from work I watch an episode or two. Even if I have seen it ten times before. A lot of my creations are sparked when I'm watching cooking show!" The "Nash Ruin" sobriquet came from a time when Kyle was in a touring heavy metal band. He says: "I would get really drunk and I had this denim vest that I would put on. Everyone started calling me Nash, so I kind of just went with it." There's is certainly a touch of rock star about his crazy creations: Bacon Canolli with Cheese Filling, Red Velvet Corn Dogs, Peanut Butter Bacon Rice Crispies Burgers and The Oreo and Peanut Butter Stuffed Red Velvet Cupcakes. Indeed, This Vulgar Chef has no time - United States - Monday 3rd November 2014 (7 images)

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