Theradome Laser Helmet Cures Hair Baldness - Monday 23rd June 2014

An $800 laser Helmet is claimed to be able to cure baldness by targeting follicles to stimulate hair growth. . . California based company, Theradome have created a helmet said to be the only wearable, clinical-strength, laser treatment people can use at home. The revolutionary new headgear encourages hair regrowth by stimulating microcirculation and increasing blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles - reducing effects of protein blocking enzymes. Eighty, high efficiency - no heat - lasers penetrate the scalp. Helped by a built-in hair parting mechanism, capable of reaching 90 square inches (582 square centimetres) of the 111 square inch (720 square centimetre) average scalp area. In Theradome clinical studies, participants benefited from the Theradome and experienced thicker and more manageable hair, reduced hair loss and new hair growth after three to four months. Two twenty minutes sessions are recommended twice weekly with the Theradome, which takes three hours to charge - with between five to ten treatments between charges. After 18-24 weeks results include: cleaner, more manageable hair, less hair in the shower and on pillows, improved luster and fuller body. Between 18 and 26 weeks, they promise: thicker and longer hair, healthier scalp, reduced scalp itching and inflammation and enhanced curl retention for curly hair. After 52-80 weeks: hairs on the top of the head and the vertex will start filling in and full thicker hair is the result of 100 weeks of continued use. The helmet can be pre-ordered for $795 (£473 plus shipping). Theradome permit customers to use the helmet technology at home. Laser light therapy has been proven to improve hair health, but cold laser therapy has only been available at specialist clinics. The Theradome became the only wearable device in the world to be FDA-cleared for over the counter use for women on June 14. Theradome has submitted FDA paperwork for clearance for men. They are expecting FDA clearance for men by mid-201 - - Monday 23rd June 2014 (6 images)

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