Vampire Lady VVJ - Thursday 31st October 2013

Maria Cristerna - Vampire Lady in Vienna . . . Maria Cristerna 'The Mexican Vampire Lady' has been referred to as a living, breathing canvas of modern body art and extreme modification. The 35-year-old ex-lawyer-turned-music-VJ from Guadalajara, Mexico, is covered head-to-toe in tattoos, with titanium horns inserted into her skull and a body-builder frame augmenting this striking visual image. Maria still lives in the same family home in which she grew up, in the heart of one of the most notorious ghetto neighbourhoods - with violent gang culture rife. She also endured many years of domestic abuse and severe violence from a former partner. Now, cutting an imposing figure as The Vampire Lady, no one crosses her . . .quite literally! A close friend and confidante says: "In the early days local people and anyone from the community would cross the street when she passed, making the 'cross' gestures as if she was the devil or was possessed. People feared her immensely and were understandably intimidated by her presence. Many thought she was on drugs or crazy! But now they kiss her hand when they meet her. Many almost worship her and take her blessings - like she is some kind of Goddess with mystical powers!" Mother of four, Cristerna delivers local domestic violence talks to women groups and others who have suffered or are suffering in her city. Her busy schedule also sees the highly talented VVJ (Vampire Video Jockey) travels the world touring with her new music collective - alongside a funky female DJ partner on the decks Gis Sanchez. Maria says: "If I'm honest, my personal preference is metal... and I'm talking the dark, gothic, noisy kind. But when we DJ/VJ live - we play what the crowds want to hear!" The macabre music team are currently in Vienna, Austria this weekend as part of the headline artists for the Wildstyle event, launched by Austrian entrepreneur called Jochen - a tattoo convention by day and eclectic, visual DJ and musi - Vienna Austria - Thursday 31st October 2013 (7 images)

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