Actress Pia Zadora has been ordered to complete an anger management course or face a 30-day jail term following her domestic violence arrest earlier this year (13).

The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult star, who is married to a cop, was taken into custody in Las Vegas in the early hours of 1 June (13) after she allegedly sprayed her 16-year-old son with a water hose in an effort to force him to go to bed on the night of 31 May (13).

Prosecutors also claim Zadora had been drinking on the night of the alleged altercation.

She was charged with domestic abuse and coercion, and during a court hearing on Thursday (12Sep13), she was ordered to attend an alcohol use evaluation and undergo impulse control counselling.

Las Vegas Township Judge Melanie Tobiasson also told Zadora to stay out of trouble for a year in order to have her case dismissed.

However, if she fails to fulfil the judge's demands, she faces a stint behind bars.