Pia Toscano had 'no chance' of winning American Idol, according to a production insider on the show, reports the UK's Daily Mail. Pia Toscano, the 22-year-old New Yorker who was controversially eliminated from the singing contest last week, apparently received far less votes than audiences assumed.
'Idol' judges had raged at the decision to eliminate Toscano and the singer herself was visibly shocked when host Ryan Seacrest read out her name. However, the 22-year-old was apparently "nowhere near" the top of the overall voting pile and at least four rival contestants had consistently ranked above her. While judge Jennifer Lopez was left in tears at Toscano's exit from the competition, the show's executive producer Nigel Lythgoe had suggested that Pia was never a frontrunner because she "didn't connect" with the audience. Nevertheless, the exit stunned the judges and the live studio audience, with Steven Tyler remarking, "I don't know what happened with this". Randy Jackson echoed the comments and spoke of his disbelief at how the voting had turned out.
Despite the shock elimination, Pia Toscano has reportedly been in talks with several major record labels concerning a possible recording contract. The singer is expected to sign with Jimmy Lovine's Interscope Records and begin work immediately on her debut album.