Phoebe Philo admits her collections for Celine are "pretty masculine".

The designer is creative director at the French fashion house and has seen rave reviews since her appointment in 2008 and she likes her the clothes represent a bit of her.

She told the Independent newspaper: "There are elements that have become classics to us. They sell really well. The response has been good. Trousers, tailoring, shirts, skirts. 'Category pieces'. I hate these kinds of words but they've sort of become. staples. It does feel quite British. I wanted to move into something that felt a bit closer to home. It's pretty masculine. That's how I dress and I think it's quite liberating for women not to have to be so preoccupied with different silhouettes, with different things."

While Phoebe has been hailed as the inventor of a new kind of minimalism in fashion, she insists she didn't set out to.

She said: "I hadn't ever thought much about Celine before I was approached, but then I looked at everything they were doing and it felt very irrelevant. "What I love is this idea of a wardrobe; the idea that we're establishing certain signatures and updating them, that a change in shade or fabric is enough. I do think that the world doesn't need many more frivolous bits and bobs that end up left in cupboards or landfills."