LATEST: American rockers Phish have been forced to refund thousands of tickets for their final gig, after dangerous weather conditions prompted police to turn fans away.

The HEAVY THINGS band played three concerts each day from Friday (13AUG04) until late on Sunday (15AUG04) in a Vermont airport, but state police closed highways leading to the festival after torrential rain, causing many furious fans - known as Phish-heads - to miss the group's last performance.

DAVE WERLIN, president of GREAT NORTHEAST PRODUCTIONS explains, "We're still sorting it out, but we estimate about 65,000 people were here on the grounds. We're trying to understand how many people we'll have to offer refunds to. Several thousand, anyway.

"People came walking in from every direction. Most walked in and found their way to the box office and exchanged their ticket for a wristband and then found their way back to the stage.

"To us this was a frustrating decision because it was not our call. It was not our desire to do things this way, but it became a public safety issue."

Singer Trey Anastasio announced the split in May (04) because the rock foursome - bassist Mike Gordon, drummer Jon Fishman and keyboard player PAGE McCONNELL - believed "Phish had run its course and that we should end it now while it's still on a high note".

18/08/2004 02:24