Rockers Phish fuelled speculation of a full band reunion after bassist Mike Gordon joined guitarist Trey Anastasio onstage at the Rothbury Festival in Michigan on Sunday (06Jul08).
The festival surprise came just days after Gordon confirmed the group's longtime producer, Steve Lillywhite, is attempting to bring the quartet back together.
The bass player said, "The band has had a couple of dinners and they've just been great. We're all just excited about the idea of doing something sometime. I can't guarantee it, but I'm optimistic."
His remarks prompted former bandmate Page MCConnell to add, "The prospect of Phish reuniting is something I consider very seriously, and I think about it a lot... Later this year we hope to spend some time together and take a look at what possible futures we might enjoy."
And then on Sunday, Anastasio further fuelled the comeback rumours, telling festival fans at Rothbury, "If we could just find a drummer and a keyboard player somewhere..." midway through his set with Gordon.
Anastasio and Gordon performed a host of new songs but wowed fans with a rendition of Phish's Chalkdust Torture.
It wasn't the only Phish reunion of the day - Anastasio, who is a guest on Gordon's new album The Green Arrow, joined his former bandmate for his set later on Sunday. The pair was joined by Phish drummer Jon Fishman.