Movie actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has hit out at claims his new movie is anti-George W Bush.

The BOOGIE NIGHTS star admits to having "left-leaning" political views, but claims documentary LAST PARTY 2000 - about the American president's controversial election that year - is free of bias.

He says, "My views are left-leaning, but when it came to the film I wasn't really interested in my own views.

"Ultimately, I think it's a left-leaning film, but it's not so extreme that you don't see what both sides stand for.

"I wanted people to hear both sides and maybe take something from it they didn't know. Preaching to the converted happens a lot among liberals.

"I really went at it without any agenda. I'm not Michael Moore or any of those guys who I admire tremendously. Other people do that job much better than I ever would.

"I really saw the film as an opportunity to go to these events, to these debates and conventions, and to talk to congressman, senators and ordinary people."

22/01/2004 14:10