Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman thanked his mother as he collected his Best Actor Academy Award last night (05MAR06), for inspiring him to follow his dreams into acting. Hoffman, who was recognised for his performance in biopic CAPOTE, delivered an emotional speech at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. He told the audience, "I'm in a category with some great, great, great actors. Fantastic actors, and I'm overwhelmed. I'm really overwhelmed. "And my mom's name is MARILYN O'CONNOR, and she's here tonight. And I'd like if you see her tonight to congratulate her. Because she brought up four kids alone, and she deserves congratulations for that. "My passions, her passions became my passions. And, you know, be proud, mom, because I'm proud of you, and we're here tonight, and it's so good."