DOUBT star Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of Hollywood's most reluctant leading men - he just wanted to be a thespian who could cycle to work.
The Oscar winner admits he has been struggling to come to terms with life as a famous actor for years - and still can't handle awkward moments when he's recognised.
He tells WENN, "Somebody stares at you in a restaurant and you think they dont like you or they want to fight you or you know them and you forgot their name. Then you realise they saw your movie and they know you and thats shocking. Its like losing your left arm. You dont understand that.
"You walk along life anonymous and then suddenly youre not anonymous. It just happens because youre following the work but you dont think youre going to be a famous person.
"You think you might make a movie, you might do some plays but you dont ever think youll be famous. Im sure theres a group of actors that want to be in the movies, and want to be movie stars but theres a whole bunch of us that got into acting because we went to our regional theatres and saw (play) All My Sons or wanted to do off-Broadway and ride a bike to the theatre.
"Thats what I thought was going to be my life. I had no idea I was going to be on a screen."