BOOGIE NIGHTS star Phillip Seymour Hoffman turned into a midwife for the birth of his first child when his girlfriend MIMI went into labour on a busy night at the hospital.

The actor thought he had everything covered when he booked a midwife for the labour, but he had to help out when the nurses found themselves overbooked.

He explains, "My girlfriend was in labour for 40 hours and we worked with these midwives and they got overloaded that night - there was like five babies being born that evening and there was two of them.

"They were running back and forth and I decided that the minute they left I became the midwife and so I jumped right down in there and I became the coach of the century. I had no idea what I was doing."

His input obviously worked - the couple now have a baby son, called COOPER.

13/10/2003 21:10