Hollywood producer Philip Martinez has signed to make six movies in Liverpool, turning the city into England's answer to Tinseltown.

British financiers STEPHEN MARSDEN of TOWER FILMS and ROBERT SIDAWAY of UK FILM SERVICES persuaded Martinez to sign the deal on Tuesday (19MAY03) night at the Cannes Film Festival.

The deal means the birthplace of music legends THE Beatles will play host to stars like Andy Garcia, Dennis Hopper and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Martinez was attracted to the Northern city because of its value for money and varied architecture, which means it can stand in for a number of other locations.

He says, "You can match Liverpool to so many cities. It could become a real studio city because it is open and friendly to filmmakers."

Films previously filmed in Liverpool include the SAMUEL L JACKSON-starring THE 51st STATE, Chariots of Fire and The Hunt for Red October.

22/05/2003 13:59