Phil Spector's wife RACHELLE SHORT has slammed the shamed star's treatment in prison - insisting inmates are treated "worse than animals".
The legendary music producer, 69, was convicted of killing actress Lana Clarkson in April (09) and was sentenced to 19 years to life last month (29May09).
And his 28-year-old wife is disgusted her husband will have to spend the next two decades in a cramped jail cell.
She tells the Los Angeles Times, "He's locked in a 5-by-9-foot cell 23 and a half hours a day. They treat people worse than animals. I want that known."
And Short insists she has no idea how to spend her time now her husband is no longer around: "It's like I'm floating in the middle of nowhere. It's like I'm just hanging."
The aspiring singer/actress, who married Spector in 2006, has also hit out at claims she was using the star for his multi-million dollar fortune.
She adds, "I don't take anything from my husband, and I never have. I'm a good person, but people don't see any of that or know how hard I work."