Phil Spector's legal costs are eating away at his vast fortune and, according to reports, the music mogul is struggling financially as his murder retrial draws to a close in Los Angeles.
Accused of the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson in 2003, Spector is awaiting a verdict from the jury members in the case, who have been deliberating on and off since 26 March (09).
And now a Los Angeles Times newspaper expose has unearthed details of the cash the once mega-rich producer has had to pay out for his defence in court.
This includes a $1 million (£690,000) hand-out to one of 11 criminal defence attorneys he has used during the trial and retrial, a reported $500,000 (£345,000) bill for scientific witnesses and the services of private investigators and a jury consultant.
Attorneys representing Spector are refusing to discuss the record producer's financial affairs, but his trial lawyer Doron Weinberg tells the Times, "I doubt there is one-tenth of one per cent of people in this country who can afford what Mr. Spector has had to put together so far for his defence."
And the publication reports records suggest Spector has liquidated assets to pay for his defence. According to the Times, the producer borrowed $1.3 million (£896,000) against his Alhambra, California mansion, where Clarkson died.
And, like many Americans, Spector has been forced to cut back - his trio of bodyguards has been replaced by one and only one lawyer sits by his side in court, instead of the five who represented him during the first trial in 2007.
The end of the trial will not bring an end to the producer's financial woes - whatever the verdict, he faces a wrongful-death suit by Clarkson's mother Donna.