Embattled record producer Phil Spector is convinced he'll be found guilty of actress Lana Clarkson's murder, according to the music mogul's stepson. Gary Spector stunned court watchers on America's Court TV network on Friday night (24Aug07) when he told one show host that his stepfather feared he's heading for jail, as the Clarkson murder trial winds down after four months. He said, "I don't think he expects to win." Gary Spector told Court TV show Best Defense the mogul is spending millions of dollars on his defense team and witnesses because he'd prefer to go to jail than pay money to the Clarkson family in the inevitable wrongful death lawsuit. He added, "I don't think his intention is to win... I think he knows what the outcome is going to be; he just doesn't want it to turn out the way most people expect. "He is aware, I'm sure, that he's going to be going to court again after this for a wrongful death lawsuit and that is somebody who he probably has little respect for who is going to try to take his money. "I don't see him having any concern or any wish for anyone to do that so he's just spending his money... so that nobody can just take it from him. "I see him as being the type of person who'd much rather spend it on something futile such as this than have someone take it from him."