Incarcerated Phil Spector's son has taken aim at the music mogul's wife over comments she made suggesting his testimony helped put the producer behind bars.
Rachelle Short recently told a British tabloid her husband, who was jailed in April (09) for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, is still greatly upset that his sons failed to support him during his two trials.
She said, "His kids have caused him the most pain. His two eldest sons, Louis and Gary, testified against him in court - that hurt him badly."
But angry Gary Spector insists Short should get her facts straight, stating her comments are a "blatant lie".
He says, "To correct an erroneous statement, apparently quoted by Rachelle Spector, I, Gary Spector, would like to clarify the actual true fact that neither I nor my twin brother Louis have ever testified for or against our father at any of his trials.
"I would also like to add that my brothers and I continue to care greatly about our father's well being, as well as his future."
His producer father, 69, is currently serving 19 years to life in prison.