LATEST: Phil Spector's defence team is planning to close its case on Wednesday (01Aug07), after dropping a number of star witnesses. The shock move means that the testimony part of Spector's trial for the 2003 murder of Lana Clarkson could end on 9 August (07). Prosecutors were surprised by the decision and have been forced to juggle their schedule to bring in rebuttal witnesses early. Spector's defence team was, meanwhile, reprimanded by U.S. Supreme Court Judge Paul Fidler on Tuesday (31Jul07) after allowing a witness, forensic expert Dr Henry Lee, to leave the country. The music mogul's lawyers wanted to let jurors hear transcripts of testimony from Lee - but Fidler said, "You knew he was leaving. Any time you wanted, you could have had a subpoena issued. "His trip does not take precedence over this trial." Spector also spoke for the first time during the four-month long trial, when the judge asked him if he wished his lawyer Bruce Cutler to deliver the closing argument - after pointing out Cutler had been absent from court on a number of occasions to appear on television. Judge Fidler said, "Mr Spector, if you choose to have Mr Cutler argue this case and if there is a conviction, you give up the right to come back at a later time and say, 'My attorney wasn't there.'" Spector, 67, replied, "I'll discuss it with him." The trial continues.