LATEST: Music producer Phil Spector has hit out at the Los Angeles District Attorney after he was charged with the murder of actress Lana Clarkson yesterday (27SEP04) - branding him "Hitler-like".

Spector, 64, who remained calm in court, is furious DA STEVE COOLEY decided to seek a grand jury indictment in favour of a preliminary hearing in which evidence is presented in public, before a judge decides whether the case should stand trial.

Outside the hearing Spector said, "The actions of the Hitler-like DA and his storm trooper henchmen are reprehensible, unconscionable and despicable."

If a preliminary hearing had been allowed, Spector said his lawyers would have called to the witness stand three of the foremost forensic scientists and coroners in the world and each would have testified that Clarkson was not murdered, but shot herself.

Judge DAVID S LESLEY has set 16 December (04) as the earliest possible trial date and Spector is currently free on $1 million (GBP550,000) bail.

28/09/2004 17:32