Lawyers for Phil Spector released a coroner's report yesterday (06MAY04) which suggests murdered actress Lana Clarkson may have fired the gun herself.

A report by the music producer's attorneys claims Clarkson - who was found dead in the producer's home - had gunshot residue on both of her hands and was shot with a gun inside her mouth.

The document concludes her death was murder. It says Clarkson showed no signs of being suicidal and had not written a suicide note.

The forensic analysis was released after over a year of being on "security hold" at the Los Angeles COUNTY CORONER'S OFFICE and was prepared four days following the B-movie actress's death on 3 February 2003.

It reads, "Analysis revealed several highly specific particles and many consistent particles of gunshot residue on both the right and left hand.

"Therefore, the decedent may have discharged a firearm or had her hands otherwise in an environment of gunshot residue."

Spector's lawyers, LESLIE ABRAMSON and MARCIA MORRISSEY, explained their reasons to release the report in a letter which reads, "There is certainly no justice in maintaining this secrecy in the light of Mr Spector's being charged with murder."

Spector, 63, who has produced numerous artists including THE Beatles and Eric Clapton, was charged with Clarkson's murder in November (03) and is currently free on $1 million (GBP555,560) bail.

Despite the latest release of information, Abramson and Morrissey have decided against releasing the report on gunshot residue tests done on Spector the night of his arrest.

Other documents in the coroner's file showed Clarkson had alcohol and the painkiller Vicodin in her system when she died.

07/05/2004 13:44