Phil Spector's defence team are fighting attorneys representing the LOS ANGELES TIMES to keep the transcript of a grand jury testimony that led to their client being charged with murder sealed.

The Times' lawyer, SUSAN SEAGER, wants all aspects of the trial to be open, claiming the media and public have a right to challenge the sealing of transcripts.

But, in a Los Angeles court yesterday (12OCT04), Spector's attorneys insisted that the release of the transcripts would potentially prejudice those who may be called for jury service in the case.

Defence attorney ROGER ROSEN countered, "You will lose a lot of potential jurors who may say, 'I remember reading something when the grand jury transcript came out.'"

Judge David Wesley transferred the issue to the judge who will preside over Spector's upcoming trial.

The record producer is accused of shooting actress Lana Clarkson at his home in February 2003.

13/10/2004 21:40