A former employee for a lawyer who previously represented Phil Spector has told a US court he saw Sara Caplan remove a piece of evidence from the crime scene.

Greg Diamond, who worked with Mr Spector's lawyers for a period, said he saw Ms Caplan at the crime scene with ex-Spector lawyer Robert Shapiro and forensic pathologist Dr Michael Baden.

He told the court that Ms Caplan took a fragment of a tooth or nail that had been missed by police the day after Lana Clarkson was found dead in Spector's home in 2003.

Mr Diamond was speaking at a special hearing without a jury as the current proceedings have been postponed due to Spector's defence lawyer falling ill.

Prosecutors had previously accused defence lawyers of withholding evidence which Spector's defence team has always denied existed.

Dr Baden also gave evidence and refuted Mr Diamond's claims, saying that he didn't remember Mr Diamond and he hadn't seen Ms Caplan remove anything from the crime scene.

Spector denies murdering B-movie actress Ms Clarkson who was found dead with a gunshot wound to her face at his Los Angeles mansion. Spector claims the actress killed herself and his defence team has said it will show she was holding the weapon when she died.

The legendary music producer is credited with creating the famous 'wall of sound' recording technique which sounded louder on radio.

He worked with artists such as the Beatles as well as producing some of John Lennon's solo material.

03/05/2007 13:25:49